Did You Know About This Erectile Dysfunction Test Available Online?

Erectile Dysfunction

You can administer tests for erectile dysfunction at home. Thanks to Numan, the blood test kits that emphasized testosterone and cholesterol will be a help. In addition to that, you will be able to keep in check various indicators as well levels of your blood. In this regard, a proper blood testing kit will help you maintain the nutritional levels as well as other aspects of your health. Once you’re done with the samples, you are then required to send the samples to the lab and expect the results.

Blood Test Kit at Numan:
You will be offered blood tests by Numan that you can administer at home. They are easy to use and convenient. That means you don’t have to venture out of your home when you can do that inside. Once you are done with the test, your samples will be collected and sent to the lab.

Administer at Home Erectile Dysfunction Test:

Erectile Dysfunction

ED tests of Numan will help you understand the underlying causes of the problem, and how to assess that. The test has been customized to indicate the testosterone as well as cholesterol levels that are one of the indicators of Erectile dysfunction. You can buy the kit for £70.00 / kit.

What is Numan?

Numan is a health care company that will offer you various kinds of treatments, supplements as well as blood testing kits at your doorstep. You can place the order for the kit, and expect the delivery in 24 hours. In addition to that, Numan will offer you an expert review of the blood test results and will help you understand the results. However, you will be offered these services on a subscription basis.

What will it reveal?


Erectile Dysfunction

Numan’s at home erectile dysfunction test kit will let you understand and ascertain the underlying causes of your problem. Erectile dysfunction occurs due to a lot of reasons. This means that even stress can be contributing to the problem. So, the experts need to know the causes of your problem. In this case, ED problems can be assessed better when a medical evaluation and blood test have been carried out. In addition to that, your blood test will reveal any problem that you may be having. It will also help you stay ahead of the problems, and offer you insights into the different aspects of health.


ED tests of Numan are excellent in every manner. They are customized for erectile dysfunction, and you will get the results without having to venture out of your home. On top of that, you will receive an expert review of your results and medical suggestions. Once you are done with the order, you will expect the delivery in 24 hours.

Erectile Dysfunction


The blood tests are customized for erectile dysfunction. They will help you in understanding the underlying cause of the problem. Thi will help determine the nature of the treatment, and what steps can be taken.

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