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Law Of The Sea And
Arctic Governance

We protect the Artic and all trades under a strong law that maintains healthy relations with international industries and governments.
Law Of The Sea Convention


Flag State Jurisdiction Control

The Flag State holds the responsibility under international law to control fishing activities of a vessel under the jurisdiction of the Flag State.


Port State Control

Port State Control keeps the ships in national ports under the regulations of the government. It makes sure the condition of the ship and equipment comply with the law.


Maritime Boundaries

We control the maritime boundaries of the Arctic areas under the Flag State to preserve its biological resources.
What Our Clients Say
We have been receiving positive feedback from the respective authorities, all thanks to our agents.

Amber D Turner

Thank you for all the support that you guys of provided. I want to thank the entire team for making our expectations come true.

Albert C Hosking

This is the only portal that can provide accurate information for traders who are crossing the Flag State.

Harvey I Batchelder

Traditional Ecological

We protect the waters and biodiversity with our regulated businesses.

Scientific Knowledge

Our RnD department always keeps the data up to date for an accurate ecology report.

Arctic Governance

We cover the flag state and manage the trades and fishing activities for all vessels entering our region.

Project's Leadership

Our goal is to provide competitive, smart, and eco-friendly solutions to traders in our region.

Coastal State Jurisdiction & Control

Learn about the jurisdiction of the flag state and manage your documentation with one of our agents. Receive a 30-minute free consultation on your matters and find the right solutions.

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