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The Tromsø meeting, January 29th-30th, 2010




The Arctic Governance Project (AGP) convened a group of leading experts on Arctic governance for a meeting on January 29th - 30th, 2010 in Tromsø, Norway. Read more

The two days of discussion were informed by the Arctic Governance Compendium located at and a background paper prepared by the AGP under the leadership of Professor Oran Young, Steering Committee Chair. During the meeting, participants were challenged to engage the concerns of others and to focus on transcending current debates. Specifically, participants were invited to come to Tromsø to generate new thinking, envision new possibilities, and identify innovative steps to meet the challenges of a changing Arctic. The participants were extremely collaborative and their efforts impressive.

The AGP Steering Committee is now working on a final document. The AGP will share its results with a variety of audiences during its third phase which entails engaging the Arctic policy community and other stakeholders. This effort will be led by Dr. Robert Corell.

The meeting was funded by the Arctic Funders Group with support from Norwegian Barents Secretariat, the Research Council of Norway, the Weeden Foundation and the University of Tromsø.


Link to Oran Young's presentation: Arctic State Changes, Implications for Governance

Link to Annika Nilsson's presentation: Reflections on table summaries

Link to Patricia A. Cochran's presentation on the first panel discussion

Critical questions - identifying governance needs

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