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The Arctic Report Card

The Arctic Report Card is a timely source for clear, authoritative, and concise environmental information based on input from over 70 international scientists

Key findings for 2009:

* Warming of the Arctic continues to be widespread, and in some
cases, dramatic.
* Linkages between air, land, sea, and biology are evident. For
example, loss of sea ice is allowing more heat to be stored in
the Arctic Ocean, which, in turn, is modifying the large scale atmospheric circulation and
heat budget
* Although the summer sea ice minimum in 2009 was not as low as 2007
or 2008, there is continued loss of older sea ice compared to
five years ago, a indication of a major climate change in the Arctic
* High Arctic species, such as walrus, polar bears, and Norwegian fisheries,
are impacted by continuing loss of sea ice.
* Greenland shows continued ice sheet loss.

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